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…no apologies for my first short serious piece… you”ll see why…

…I’m a believer, but not of the Catholic persuasion, and a couple of nights ago, I attended a Mass for a dear friend and former colleague who’d passed away suddenly a few days earlier. The St Joseph’s Cathedral in Abu Dhabi, here in the crossroads of the Middle East, was filled to capacity with a congregation made up almost entirely of Catholic faithful from the sub-continent of India. The Mass was led by an Irish Priest, attended by a Filipino gentleman who offered the readings. During the service and invocated prayers, from inside the cathedral we could clearly hear from outside the Muezzin, the person who calls the Muslim faithful to prayer, doing his duty from a minaret on a nearby mosque. It struck me very forcefully that here indeed was the melange of religion and freedom of prayer in all its forms, right in the heart of the capital of the United Arab Emirates. There were black, brown, white, and arabic believers, all in close proximity, doing what the rest of the world could perhaps be well advised to consider replicating… put aside all supposed differences and live in harmony.. It was a beautiful moment for me, and will be a cherished thing for me to take away if and when I leave this country ..may your Gods be with you all….Thank you for reading this far…


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“…no man (woman, author, authoress) is an island…”

I think Mister John Donne was on to something as far back as 1600 ( that’s the year 1600, Mabel, dear, not 1600 hours ..) when he espoused his non-recluse position for all of us, that ‘no man is an island’…the longer I’m allowed to play on this wondrous merry-go-round of the internet, with its whims, wobbles, warts and all, the more I subscribe to his view…as much as I acknowledge that my ego is in constant need of deflating, I type here before you in a state of immense gratitude…My second novel, VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK has just completed its second two-day wave on the Kindle Free promo circuit, with gratifying success…that could not have been possible without the support and kindness of so many of you out there in the hugely embracing writers’ universe…I know, I know, I know, that we’re exhorted to use the Sosyal Medya to get our message heard/seen/understood, but when it actually happens, it’s a thing of beauty and a joy for this writer to savour for ever… I confess that my incompetence in managing even the TweetDeck (my cat could do it better, really), caused my intended individual RT requests to be blanketed to all of my follower list… major faux pas, but mea culpa, it’s done, and we move on… hopefully to ‘know better next time’…what DID happen was that so many people DID pick it up and passed it along the Twitterverse…not only that, some did multiple RT-ing, backed up by great support also on Facebook …let me not omit the groundswell that joined in from the decks of the goodship, S.S.Goodreads…there were tons of tweets and emails and wall posts of encouragement long before the freebie dates,…I hail from a supposed ‘hard’ area of Glasgow, but readily admit to a lump in the throat and an overpowering sense of the ‘niceness’ of so many of you, who’ve never even met me apart from on here…some of you will be aware that I try to ‘pay it forward’ by RT-ing and giving a leg up where I can to others, and dole out my ‘great pals awards’ weekly… it’s my silly way of saying  ‘THANK YOU’ to each and every one of you for becoming an integral part of my life… now let’s put the wimpy tissues away and get down to business…A request please… authors among you will appreciate the importance of reviews (HONEST reviews) on the likes of the Amazon pages…may I humbly ask that  if any of you were among the legion that downloaded the novel, to try to place a couple of sentences or so of review on the Amazon pages…and I’ll love you forever, or at least until I get sane, which may take a lo-o-o-ong time…Matron’s arriving with her little helpers,..I better get back to my ward…see you all later…

But before I go, a HEARTFELT THANK YOU LIST to all who’ve been involved in one way or another in this project are listed below (in NO particular order, coz I don’t want you fighting now y’hear …)




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…They’re gonna put me in the movies…gonna make a big star outa me…

This blog comes with several warnings. First, it comes with my standard mental health warning… reading this stuff can do SERIOUS damage to your brain. Secondly, you may need to have  a translator at the ready to understand the content of the attached YOUTUBE clip. Thirdly, it probably shouldn’t be watched without a safety net, and should certainly NEVER be watched  at home, unless under the guidance of children… Now, cutting to the chase ( why do people say that? What ‘chase’? ) At the risk of throwing a potentially ticking time bomb into next years Oscar Awards ceremony, yours truly has undertaken to appear on film, for the first time since that police thing, which really was ALL a complete misunderstanding. The resultant YOUTUBE presentation awaits your morbid gaze, the attachment can be clicked above. Already I’ve received loud murmurings from Mel Gibson and the producers of ‘Braveheart’ about dress code, and another from solicitors acting on behalf of Sean Connery’s voice coach…The accent may be difficult for some, being a heady mix of Neanderthal Scottish brogue and demented author-speak, but persevere with it and you may get to understand every third word…Your feedback may be taken down and used in evidence against you, but would be very much appreciated (we author-y types live in such a secluded, cloistered world…) Oops, I hear the keys of the night watch rattling in the lock…I’d better hustle back into bed… see you later …


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