…bad guys in Bahrain beware… Batman Faisal’s in town!…

…great friends of mine in Bahrain, the Al-Tattans, have embraced me warmly into their family over the past few years during my stay in their country… the eldest son of Salah and Hala is Nasser Al-Tattan, whose own son was born three years ago on Bahrain’s National Day, December 16th… the wee boy is called Faisal, and is an absolutely charming lad… but he has super powers!… apart from his infectious chuckle and dimpled, photo-model smile, the boy has an (almost) secret identity… he is the Bahraini Batman!… I have the photographic evidence right here at the top of this blog post… during an exhibition presentation of the Justice League in the City Centre Mall in Al Seef, a multitude of local children dressed up in the style of their own special heroes, but none better than Faisal... as you can see, he is caped and ready for the fight against all evil and baddies who may lurk  at their peril in the Mall… I accompanied the family in their Batmobile vehicle en route to the Mall one delightful  evening a few weeks ago… lo and behold, near the City Centre are two large skyscrapers, the builders of which have their corporate logo encapsulated in huge illuminated signs, visible from all over the capital in Manama… like the Batman signal in the sky… the signs read,  ‘BF’… of course, all of us in the Batmobile knew that the real meaning or the ‘BF’ logo means ‘Batman Faisal’, which he acknowledged with the usual shrieks of confirmation… any lawless individual at or near the Mall must have begun to quake in fear… Batman Faisal was close by… as you will see, he took particular care to ensure that I was kept safe and secure as he strode through the Mall, ruthlessly clearing out any criminal elements… the residents of Bahrain can sleep easy at nights… see yeez later! LUV YEEZ!



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8 responses to “…bad guys in Bahrain beware… Batman Faisal’s in town!…

  1. His super power is cuteness

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  2. I agree with Beth. So cute!


  3. Absolutely delightful! I mean … frightening to any bad guys!!


  4. Aww this is too cute. Lovely wee lad. 🙂 or should I say superhero!


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