…on the Web, yer ‘best friends’ count is infinite… #TBSU…

…back in the day, it used to be said yeez were lucky if yeez could count yer close friends on one, maybe even two hands… yeez can split hairs if yeez like about comparing ‘friends’ with ‘acquaintances’… y’see, it’s not so much who yeez know, but who knows yeez back… fr’example, I know Jay Leno and Oprah Winfrey, but they don’t know me, so that doesn’t count… about a hundred years ago, I used to have ‘pen friends’, when it was accepted practice to write longhand letters with paper and ink (emb’dy remember them?) and send them across the oceans… replies could take up to a month or more… and it was exhilarating to get mail from these correspondents… in today’s WURLD, it’s a matter of nano-seconds to exchange ‘communication’… of  course, that has many great advantages, but I suggest it may tend to lessen the depth of some of the correspondent relationships we develop online… that aside, let me state categorically, this ol’ Jurassic is enriched with more solid friendships than ever imaginable ten years ago… some may scoff at the terms, ‘friends’, ‘followers’, ‘links’, and whatever WURDS yer channels of choice on the SOSYAL NETWURKS use… I can’t claim to know all of the direct contacts I’ve made in building the platform on here, but hundreds if not thousands of yeez are familiar names to me now, and I feel blessed for the tie-ins… I’ve seen genuine support for others when they needed a lift, I’ve felt the anguish of sincere people reaching out for a friendly encouragement… the trolls do exist, but only serve to underscore the strength of the good Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… yesterday, the voting closed for sum’thing called the Shorty Awards... a few weeks ago, my pal, Author Lillith Kain nominated yours truly for the Shorty Blogger Award… many of yeez jumped in to lend yer vote… I believe I’ve gotten into #12 place in that particular ranking… but, I am a complete #1 winner inasmuch as the LUV shown from so many of yeez in pitching in to write the embarrassingly nice reasons for yer votes is overwhelming… if emb’dy ever doubted it, let me repeat… on the Web yer ‘best friends’ count is infinite… LUV YEEZ


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12 responses to “…on the Web, yer ‘best friends’ count is infinite… #TBSU…

  1. I firmly believe that many of the people who started out a followers or those I followed have become firm and very real friends. When Ju died last year the support was overwhelming and has been there ever since. We all know how long it takes to comment on blogs but there are those who make the effort to read what you say and be supportive when you need it. There are those who make it to the private email or message stage who go that one step further to integrate themselves into your life. So, as you often put it Seumas, Thank yeez lads and and lasses ( Dear Friends) of blogland and the Sosyal Netwurks.
    Hugs to you all


    • ..and even old farts like us can build great friendships on here without ever having met (yet) away from the Web… you’re ‘way top o’ the list, that man …cheers 🙂 have a GREAT irreverent week 🙂


  2. You’re a #1 winner to US Seumas 🙂


  3. Sir, it’s an honor to know you even electronically …. and to quote Cole Porter… “you’re the top”!


  4. laurie27wsmith

    Friends indeed Seumas.


  5. Thank you, Seumas, for being what I consider my Twitter friend! I enjoy your writing here on your blog, but more than that, I know that you are so very kind and helpful, reaching out to people in your most engaging way. I appreciate You! ….also, it was so much fun to have pen pals all over the world…my mailbox would be full of actual letters! 🙂 All my best to you, sir!


  6. Well done with the Shorties, I thought it was on-going. They were still badgering me to get my entry in a day or so ago. Nice going to have somebody nominate you. You have friends, Seumas 🙂


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