… a Literary Straight Flush… it doesn’t come any better than this … #TBSU…

…surprises of the positive kind are always welcome… especially when they fall into the category of, ‘…when was the last time yeez had something happen for the first time?’… like many of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land with masterpieces listed on Amazon Kindle, I check my sales downloads reports daily… the elusive book purchasers for Mexico, India, Japan and Brazil  haven’t as yet appeared, but a couple of days ago, Amazon Italy gave me the maiden sale in that territory… p’raps the Mafiosie are looking for a new crime blueprint in the form of my thrillers… but exceeding the elation of even that first, this morning saw the Literary equivalent of hitting the quill-scraper’s Amazon jackpot… on Amazon.com, (i.e. the Good-ol’-USA) where traditionally my titles don’t fare too well, ALL FIVE of this ol’ Jurassic’s currently available offerings have attracted paid downloads in February… a nap hand… a five-for… the penta-perfecto… quintuplets of scrivening success… even now, hours after eyeballing the report, I’m still tickled with it… I’m sure my fellow-travellers on this scribbling trudge will identify with the feeling… for me, it has an added tingle, ‘coz basically I’ve evolved into a JONGGR JUGGLER… there’s three Jack Calder crime thrillers in there as well as two (allegedly) humorous blog post collections… yeez all know the highs and lows of blooding yer masterpiece offspring over months, sometimes years of labour… to get them all turning up at the same Kindle party is a phenomenal experience… hey, it’s not millions of sales, but they are ALL in the mix… if ever there exists an impetus to keep yer authorial a*se-in-gear I’ve been shown it today… here’s what the family photos look like… have a wonderful scribbling day/week/month/year/lifetime, all of yeez … LUV YEEZ!...

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2 responses to “… a Literary Straight Flush… it doesn’t come any better than this … #TBSU…

  1. Congratulations Seamus! Have you ever posted about what life is like where you live by the way? I’m interested in finding out more – including the shopping. Not very writerly, but still…. 🙂


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