…Oh, for Pod’s sake!… yeez wanna listen to this!…


…down the years there have been frequent raisings-of-assorted-eyebrows at my mangled diction of English… for a starter, coming from Dockside Govan in Glasgow gave me a definite leg-up in the incomprehensible vernacular stakes… when I eventually turned up in London as a Trainee Financial Master of the Universe, I was compelled to slow down my speech delivery, and asked to enunciate more clearly the Queen’s spoken English (coming from ‘Laahndeners’ in the capital, I found that a bit rich, frankly)… the tongue-twisting continued apace as different countries in the Far East and now in the Middle East found me contorting their local languages… comes now a new spin… my first ever sojourn into Podcasting… that’s stuff on the Internet, Mabel, where yeez have real-live conversation with people across the globe through the wonder of the web… my terrific pals, m’Lady, K.J.Waters and m’Lady, Suzanne Kelman, both currently living in ‘Merika, run their Blondie and the Brit podcasts from there… this ol’ Jurassic had the delight of being one of their victims… I mean, being one of their guests… the resultant recording is ‘clickable’ here, http://blondieandbrit.podbean.com/  and on iTunes here, https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/blondie-and-the-brit/id1042661151?mt=2 …this is where the sound of English I make departs once more from the accepted norm… in truth, the dulcet modulations from the tongues of the esteeemed ladies is mellifluous in the extreme, but with the vagaries of intercontinental elink transmissions, my voice delivery sounds like a Scottish chipmunk… pleasing, I’m sure to those aficionados of Disney cartoon classics… have a wee listen and see what yeez think… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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2 responses to “…Oh, for Pod’s sake!… yeez wanna listen to this!…

  1. Penny

    Hey – just listened to your voice on here……..:-) Really enjoy receiving updates although I don’t always have time to read ’em all through……..The Hitler stuff was funny, btw!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • …I trust the voice doesn’t give you nightmares, m’Lady, Penny… the sound track may have to be redone as the satellite connections are difficult… I’m told the lower the volume, the clearer the sound track :):)


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