… ‘The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, leaves yeez with a sore wrist’…

Omar Khayyam had a way with WURDs, but I wonder how much of it he did longhand… recently, I posted on this ‘ere blog how much I missed the days of properly handwritten letters, and treasures like pen pals… emb’dy remember having them?… the upshot was a flurry of wannabe correspondents for this ol’ Jurassic a la plume et papier… yes, Mabel, not typed or laptop-spat-out stuff, but real live scribbling on non-electric notepads…


…I owe it to posterity to record what has happened in the interim… discoveries, sum’times surprising, sum’times expected :

1. …my original cursive writing was never of the best at any time, indeed ‘chicken-feet-scrawl’ and ‘shoulda-been-a-prescribing-doctor’ reflects the zero-out-of-ten marks for my actual penmanship…

2. …the instant realisation that there’s no ‘delete’ or ‘retype’ mechanism when yeez write direct to the sheets… what goes down on the paper, stays down on the paper… unless yeez use a pencil, of course, but that’s for real wimps…

aaaaa3. …different muscles in yer fingers, hands, wrists and arms are brought in to play when the quill is in yer mitt, compared with the tippy-tappy Apple Mac keyboarding…

4. …by dint of lack of practice, my ability to write more than four or five full foolscap sheets is limited… ‘The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, leaves yeez with a sore wrist’

5. …the quality of script, not splendid to begin with, deteriorates rapidly, and in pursuit of wishing the letter recipient to comprehend the melange of hieroglyphics, the speed of production also winds down considerably…

6. …the amazing plus is a tremendous feeling of re-discovery of the joy of a personal missive… my infant school days came flooding back… compositions and essays, and articles for school exercises all flashed back as if it were yesterday… I kid yeez not… and it was wunnerfulbbbbb

7. …I asked half a dozen people around me, when was the last time any of them had written a letter, stuck it in an envelope, attached a postage stamp and plonked the thing in a letterbox… not surprisingly, nobody could recall doing so since leaving school

8. …I have made myself a promise to continue to re-educate my wee gray cells with those long-forgotten talents and attempt to improve my cursive (not curses)… LUVVIN IT!

…if emb’dy wants to join in, yeez can email yer postal address to me at seumasgallacher.com and see where we go from there… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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18 responses to “… ‘The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, leaves yeez with a sore wrist’…

  1. Other distraction is concentrating on the pretty handwriting and forgetting the content!

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  2. I used to have lots of actual pen and paper pen pals. So much fun to get the mail (letters instead of bills)…Even today I correspond with several online friends with letters, cards, little gifts. I suppose the more you write by longhand, the less sore your hand gets…and I do write everything down before typing it out, so I have no problem writing many pages. I’ll see about emailing you, and would love to exchange letters! 🙂

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  3. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Yesssss!!!!!! You’re right… When I was a child, later a girl, I used to write a lot and (a little blush) my handwriting was very nice and without mistakes…I wrote a lot, pesonal thoughts…ideas and with many friends changed letters… now I must confess my handwriting is AWFUL …..

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  4. I’m a doctor and had to take up all those notes while studying. Yes, we don’t have poor handwriting for nothing. We were handwriting in patients notes until quite recently and most of the nurses couldn’t read my writing. That sometimes was a relief..

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  5. My handwriting is a bit better because I used to teach cursive, so my pride is involved. 😀 Even for my friends who don’t have computers–yes there are still some who don’t–I usually compose the letters on the computer, then print them before sending them by snail mail. Mail from India to the U.S., where my friends I write to are located, is extra slow snail mail. Probably carried by aging snails. 😀

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  6. I couldn’t hand write one or two pages let alone four or five by long hand. My hands are so stiff, I can barely hold a pen and move it to make proper shapes is a joke. 😀 😦

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  7. Kentucky Angel

    While I once had beautiful penmanship, and even did calligraphy, I now can’t read my own writing. Rumors going around say it is because of age, arthritis, joint replacements, and carpal tunnel thingys, but I say it’s just lack of practice. Today I could write the scripts for all the doctors in town, and make my fortune—if I really wanted to.

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